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The ConntectCloud - The Driver of your success on physical events

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The individual ConntectCloud Accounts

Sharing the latest Exposé with your clients, leading them to your landing page or letting them book a call with you directly. Selecting and sharing different Profiles to different target groups. Changing Profile information in real time. The ConntectCloud Account has it all. Equip your employees with our latest smart digital business cards. Available in virtual and physical from.

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Upgrade your first impression and get the physical NFC ConntectCard for you or your employees.

Linked to the respective ConntectCloud Account.

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Centralised Administration

All your Employees in one Dashboard. Fast Onboarding - Set up your Employe's Accounts within seconds. Centralized Leads Overview - All generated Leads at one place. Get an csv-Export, synchronize it with your CRM or contact them directly through your dashboard.

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Statistics (soon available)

Have an overview of your team's performance at physical events in real time. Increase the motivation of your Employees by setting goals, that both of you can always see.


faster set up of new Employee's business cards


more Clients converted from physical Events

1,25 tons

of CO2 saved every Year. Based on Offsetting program

Satisfied Brands, that achieve great results with our service

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